Preparing videos for IACR presentations

Note: this was updated in late 2020. Technology and circumstances may have changed.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, IACR is converting conferences to an online format. Speakers will need to prepare a video of their talk and upload it to the IACR server. If this applies to your conference, then you will receive a notification from the chair, along with information about how to upload your videos.

We have provided below some hints about how to produce your video. There are dozens of ways to do this, and this document does not attempt to describe them all. The only real requirements are:

Diagram of a presentation with a face
          overlaid in the lower right corner You may wish to produce a video with both your slides and a video of your face. This can be useful to make your face known to people. Some of the tools described below have support for incorporating a video of your face.

Try to use appropriate lighting, and a plain background if possible. The light source should be in front of you so that your face is illuminated. The background should not have bright sunlight or other distractions.

The art of giving a good talk is further complicated by recording yourself without an audience. Keep in mind that you should make an entertaining video that informs but entices the audience to read your paper. You can find various tips on the web, including the SIGCHI remote presentation guide and others. Your video will become a permanent record of your work, and you should put some creative effort into it.

Screen Capture vs. Presentation Software

Screen capture software allows you to include your webcam video in the corner. Some options include:

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

OBS is a piece of free software that you can download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows you to capture video from your screen and save it as an MPEG file. It is quite complex, but there is a nice video tutorial and here are a few additional hints:

Quicktime Player

How to record and export in Quicktime Player (Mac only):


There are a variety of other choices available, including the application. This allows for webcam video to be displayed over your presentation, and can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

There are also many other options available. Some are commercial options and require a license, which your institution may have. Options include:

Presentation Applications

Keynote (Mac)

How to record and export in Keynote: (also see a video tutorial)

Powerpoint (Windows and Mac)

Warning: some users have produced a video this way that YouTube is unable to recognize. Do not upload a .pptx or .ppsx format file - it should be saved as MPEG-4 with the mp4 file extension.

The desktop version of powerpoint has a way to capture your presentation along with video of your face. We recommend that you find instructions online for your version of powerpoint (including Office 365). See also this video tutorial. This video also contains good instructions on how to record from Powerpoint.

Video editing

When you record a 20-25 minute video, you may find that you stumble at some point and want to edit out a section. One solution is to record yourself one slide at a time, and pause the video recording while you think of what to say. If you really want to edit after the fact, there are quite a few options for simple video editing, including the following:

Video file sizes

After the experience of Eurocrypt 2020, these are the file sizes we observed for uploaded videos.