International Association for Cryptologic Research

IACR 1999 Elections: Candidates

  • Gilles Brassard

    (no statement)

  • Kwangjo Kim

    Based on my previous experiences as a program co-chair of Asiacrypt '96 and program committee member of eleven international conferences, I will establish the coming IACR-sponsored Asiacrypt to be as prestigious as Crypto and Eurocrypt, and do my best to promote and vitalize cryptologic research activities throughout the world.

  • Ueli Maurer

    I will continue to focus on all scientific aspects relevant to IACR (conferences, publications, electronic and conventional), helping IACR to improve its scientific standing. I will further contribute to the promotion of a good relationship between academic research and the commercial world.

  • Bart Preneel

    Having first been a member of the IACR in 1988, I would like to continue serving as a Director with the objective of promoting research, stimulating young people to enter our fascinating field, and balancing the interests of research and applied cryptology. See for a longer statement.

  • Jean-Jacques Quisquater

    (no statement)

  • Serge Vaudenay

    I am willing to serve IACR in order to promote academic research in cooperation with industry.

IACR Nominations Committee (see for addresses):
Eli Biham
Matt Franklin (Chair)
Peter Landrock (Returning Officer)

Positions for this Election:

Post Term Incumbent
3 Directors January 2000 - December 2002 Gilles Brassard
Ueli Maurer
Bart Preneel

Ballots will be mailed by OCTOBER 1, 1999.
Ballots must be mailed to be received by the Returning Officer in the official envelopes by NOVEMBER 15, 1999.

Information about the past nomination process.

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