IACR's Presentation of Rabin's 1981 tech report How to Exchange Secrets (more commonly known as How to Exchange Secrets with Oblivious Transfer )

In 1981 Michael O. Rabin posed the following problem:

Can Alice and Bob set up a protocol to exchange secrets without using a trusted third party and without a safe mechanism for the simultaneous exchange of messages?
In 21 handwritten pages, he described an oblivious transfer protocol. The document was first published as:
Michael O. Rabin. How to exchange secrets with oblivious transfer . Technical Report TR-81, Aiken Computation Lab, Harvard University, 1981.

The paper was scanned and submitted to the eprint archive by Tal Rabin and is available as Eprint 187 . Y. Sobhdel and Mohammad Sadeq Dousti worked from the scanned copy and typeset it with the permission and cooperation of Michael Rabin. Both the scanned handwriting and the typeset version are in the pdf .

The IACR archive keeps a copy of the source files and pdf for achival purposes.