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Welcome to the 18th electronic issue of the IACR Newsletter!

4 Fellows

This dynamic group of cryptographers are four of the six first IACR Fellows, designated in 2004, at Eurocrypt in Interlaken. From left: Adi Shamir, Tom Berson, Whit Diffie, and Don Coppersmith; Ron Rivest and David Chaum couldn't join the celebration. More pictures from Eurocrypt are available here.

In this newsletter issue, you'll find information about ECRYPT, a European Network of Excellence for Cryptology, sponsored by the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). Many European IACR members take an active role in ECRYPT; you are invited to attend several workshops and schools organized by the Network, see the announcements section.

The year 2004 is important for IACR also because of the upcoming IACR elections; the posts of four officers and three directors will be filled. Moreover, your Newsletter editor also intends to resign after about 6 years of service in order make way for new talents in IACR. If you are interested in taking up some responsibility for your IACR, then you should talk to Andy Clark, IACR president, or any other member of the board.

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The next issue of the IACR Newsletter is scheduled for publication in October 2004. However, announcements will be posted on the IACR Website as soon as possible.

Christian Cachin
IACR Newsletter Editor

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