International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

IACR Fellows Nominations

IACR has established the IACR Fellows Program to recognize outstanding IACR members for technical and professional contributions that:

  1. Advance the science, technology, and practice of cryptology and related fields;
  2. Promote the free exchange of ideas and information about cryptology and related fields;
  3. Develop and maintain the professional skill and integrity of individuals in the cryptologic community;
  4. Advance the standing of the cryptologic community in the wider scientific and technical world and promote fruitful relationships between the IACR and other scientific and technical organizations.

In general, two broad categories of accomplishment will be considered: technical contributions and distinguished service to the cryptologic community. Fellows are expected to be "model citizens" of the cryptologic community, and thus most of them will have demonstrated sustained and significant accomplishment in both categories, but a very small number may be chosen for unique and crucial accomplishment in one category only.

The number of Fellows to be selected in any one year is expected to be approximately 0.25% and should not exceed 0.5% of the total current membership.

For more information see the IACR Fellows Program description. The program was approved by the IACR membership in 2002.


headshot of Anne Canteaut, 2024 IACR fellow
Anne Canteaut
headshot of Joan Feigenbaum, 2024 IACR fellow
Joan Feigenbaum
headshot of Alfred Menezes, 2024 IACR fellow
Alfred Menezes
headshot of Kobbi Nissim, 2024 IACR fellow
Kobbi Nissim
headshot of Chris Peikert, 2024 IACR fellow
Chris Peikert
headshot of David Pointcheval, 2024 IACR fellow
David Pointcheval
headshot of François-Xavier Standaert, 2024 IACR fellow
François-Xavier Standaert
headshot of Brent Waters, 2024 IACR fellow
Brent Waters


headshot of Stanisław Jarecki, 2023 IACR fellow
Stanisław Jarecki
headshot of Marc Joye, 2023 IACR fellow
Marc Joye
headshot of Jesper Buss Nielsen, 2023 IACR fellow
Jesper Buss Nielsen
headshot of Rafael Pass, 2023 IACR fellow
Rafael Pass
headshot of Giuseppe Persiano, 2023 IACR fellow
Giuseppe Persiano
headshot of Reihaneh Safavi-Naini, 2023 IACR fellow
Reihaneh Safavi-Naini


headshot of Masayuki Abe, 2022 IACR fellow
Masayuki Abe
headshot of Christian Cachin, 2022 IACR fellow
Christian Cachin
headshot of Claude Carlet, 2022 IACR fellow
Claude Carlet
headshot of Benny Pinkas, 2022 IACR fellow
Benny Pinkas
headshot of Yael Tauman Kalai, 2022 IACR fellow
Yael Tauman Kalai


headshot of Craig Gentry, 2021 IACR fellow
Craig Gentry
headshot of Yehuda Lindell, 2021 IACR fellow
Yehuda Lindell
headshot of Josef Pieprzyk, 2021 IACR fellow
Josef Pieprzyk
headshot of Leonid Reyzin, 2021 IACR fellow
Leonid Reyzin
headshot of Ingrid Verbauwhede, 2021 IACR fellow
Ingrid Verbauwhede


headshot of Yevgeniy Dodis, 2020 IACR fellow
Yevgeniy Dodis
headshot of Rosario Gennaro, 2020 IACR fellow
Rosario Gennaro
headshot of Xuejia Lai, 2020 IACR fellow
Xuejia Lai
headshot of Tal Malkin, 2020 IACR fellow
Tal Malkin
headshot of David Naccache, 2020 IACR fellow
David Naccache


headshot of Jonathan Katz, 2019 IACR fellow
Jonathan Katz
headshot of Kaoru Kurosawa, 2019 IACR fellow
Kaoru Kurosawa
headshot of Daniele Micciancio, 2019 IACR fellow
Daniele Micciancio
headshot of Vincent Rijmen, 2019 IACR fellow
Vincent Rijmen
headshot of Amit Sahai, 2019 IACR fellow
Amit Sahai
headshot of Xiaoyun Wang, 2019 IACR fellow
Xiaoyun Wang


headshot of Juan Garay, 2018 IACR fellow
Juan Garay
headshot of Yuval Ishai, 2018 IACR fellow
Yuval Ishai
headshot of Paul Kocher, 2018 IACR fellow
Paul Kocher
headshot of Stafford Tavares, 2018 IACR fellow
Stafford Tavares


headshot of Jan Camenisch, 2017 IACR fellow
Jan Camenisch
headshot of Louis Guillou, 2017 IACR fellow
Louis Guillou
headshot of Kwangjo Kim, 2017 IACR fellow
Kwangjo Kim
headshot of Christof Paar, 2017 IACR fellow
Christof Paar
headshot of Kenneth G. Paterson, 2017 IACR fellow
Kenneth G. Paterson


headshot of Ed Dawson, 2016 IACR fellow
Ed Dawson
headshot of Shai Halevi, 2016 IACR fellow
Shai Halevi
headshot of Victor Shoup, 2016 IACR fellow
Victor Shoup
headshot of Nigel P. Smart, 2016 IACR fellow
Nigel P. Smart


headshot of Ernie Brickell, 2015 IACR fellow
Ernie Brickell
headshot of Joe Kilian, 2015 IACR fellow
Joe Kilian
headshot of Kaisa Nyberg, 2015 IACR fellow
Kaisa Nyberg
headshot of Tatsuaki Okamoto, 2015 IACR fellow
Tatsuaki Okamoto
headshot of Bart Preneel, 2015 IACR fellow
Bart Preneel
headshot of Tal Rabin, 2015 IACR fellow
Tal Rabin


headshot of Ran Canetti, 2014 IACR fellow
Ran Canetti
headshot of Antoine Joux, 2014 IACR fellow
Antoine Joux
headshot of Eyal Kushilevitz, 2014 IACR fellow
Eyal Kushilevitz
headshot of Moti Yung, 2014 IACR fellow
Moti Yung


headshot of Dan Boneh, 2013 IACR fellow
Dan Boneh
headshot of Ronald Cramer, 2013 IACR fellow
Ronald Cramer
headshot of Claude Crépeau, 2013 IACR fellow
Claude Crépeau
headshot of Lars Knudsen, 2013 IACR fellow
Lars Knudsen
headshot of Hugo Krawczyk, 2013 IACR fellow
Hugo Krawczyk
headshot of Victor S. Miller, 2013 IACR fellow
Victor S. Miller
headshot of Rafail Ostrovsky, 2013 IACR fellow
Rafail Ostrovsky


headshot of Mihir Bellare, 2012 IACR fellow
Mihir Bellare
headshot of Eli Biham, 2012 IACR fellow
Eli Biham
headshot of Manuel Blum, 2012 IACR fellow
Manuel Blum
headshot of Andrew Odlyzko, 2012 IACR fellow
Andrew Odlyzko
headshot of Phil Rogaway, 2012 IACR fellow
Phil Rogaway
headshot of Claus Schnorr, 2012 IACR fellow
Claus Schnorr
headshot of Jennifer Seberry, 2012 IACR fellow
Jennifer Seberry


headshot of David Kahn, 2011 IACR fellow
David Kahn
headshot of Charles Rackoff, 2011 IACR fellow
Charles Rackoff
headshot of Richard Schroeppel, 2011 IACR fellow
Richard Schroeppel
headshot of Scott Vanstone, 2011 IACR fellow
Scott Vanstone


headshot of Andrew Clark, 2010 IACR fellow
Andrew Clark
headshot of Ivan Damgård, 2010 IACR fellow
Ivan Damgård
headshot of Yvo Desmedt, 2010 IACR fellow
Yvo Desmedt
headshot of Jean-Jacques Quisquater, 2010 IACR fellow
Jean-Jacques Quisquater
headshot of Andrew Yao, 2010 IACR fellow
Andrew Yao


headshot of George Robert Blakley, Jr., 2009 IACR fellow
George Robert Blakley, Jr.
headshot of Oded Goldreich, 2009 IACR fellow
Oded Goldreich
headshot of Arjen K. Lenstra, 2009 IACR fellow
Arjen K. Lenstra
headshot of James L. Massey, 2009 IACR fellow
James L. Massey
headshot of Michael O. Rabin, 2009 IACR fellow
Michael O. Rabin


headshot of Ueli Maurer, 2008 IACR fellow
Ueli Maurer
headshot of Ralph Merkle, 2008 IACR fellow
Ralph Merkle
headshot of Moni Naor, 2008 IACR fellow
Moni Naor


headshot of Shafi Goldwasser, 2007 IACR fellow
Shafi Goldwasser
headshot of Hideki Imai, 2007 IACR fellow
Hideki Imai
headshot of Silvio Micali, 2007 IACR fellow
Silvio Micali


headshot of Gilles Brassard, 2006 IACR fellow
Gilles Brassard
headshot of Martin Hellman, 2006 IACR fellow
Martin Hellman


headshot of Kevin McCurley, 2005 IACR fellow
Kevin McCurley
headshot of Gustavus Simmons, 2005 IACR fellow
Gustavus Simmons
headshot of Jacques Stern, 2005 IACR fellow
Jacques Stern


headshot of Tom Berson, 2004 IACR fellow
Tom Berson
headshot of David Chaum, 2004 IACR fellow
David Chaum
headshot of Don Coppersmith, 2004 IACR fellow
Don Coppersmith
headshot of Whitfield Diffie, 2004 IACR fellow
Whitfield Diffie
headshot of Ron Rivest, 2004 IACR fellow
Ron Rivest
headshot of Adi Shamir, 2004 IACR fellow
Adi Shamir