Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2016 (CHES 2016)

Santa Barbara, CA
Wednesday, August 17th - Friday, August 19th,2016

Local Information

This year, the CHES Conference will be held together with the Crypto Conference at the campus of University of California Santa Barbara, the home of Crypto conferences since 1981. The combined Crypto+CHES event is designed with the hope that the co-location of these conferences will result in increased cross pollination of ideas among the respective communities.
This is the local information website about CHES 2016. Here you will find information about registration, lodging, local transportation, visa and invitation letters, and other useful information.
In order to attend Crypto Rump Session, the CHES participants should arrive UCSB before or on 6pm


Registration for CHES 2016 is now online!

Visa Information

Information on United States visas can be found on the U.S. Department of State website. Please note that you need to allow sufficient time to obtain visas in order to avoid last minute problems. The time to obtain a visa can vary widely and has taken over three months for some individuals in the past. An interview at a consulate may also be required.

Invitation Letters

To receive an invitation letter for institutional or visa purposes, please write an email to the General Chairs. The letter should contain your contact information in the following format:

To expedite the process, please provide as many of the following pieces of information as possible in your request:

We hope that you will be able to attend CHES 2016 in Santa Barbara!