International Association for Cryptologic Research

Awards of the IACR

The IACR recognizes outstanding technical and professional achievements and contributions through multiple kinds of awards. The primary award is the IACR Fellows Program, but this is supplemented by the IACR Distinguished Lecture series, Best Paper Awards at IACR and Invited Talks at IACR conferences and workshops.
  • IACR Fellows Program
      This program recognizes outstanding IACR members for technical and professional contributions to cryptologic research. Each year a set of Fellows is appointed, chosen by the IACR Fellows committee.
  • IACR Distinguished Lecture
      The annual IACR Distinguised Lecture is given each year by someone who has made important contributions to cryptologic research. The choice of the Distinguished Lecturer is made by the Board of Directors.
  • Best Paper Awards
      The Best Paper (or Best Papers) Awards are chosen by the Program Committees of IACR conferences and workshops.
  • TCC Test-of-Time Award
      The TCC Test of Time Award recognizes outstanding papers, published in TCC at least eight years ago, making a significant contribution to the theory of cryptography, preferably with influence also in other area of cryptography, theory, and beyond.
  • Invited Talks
      Most IACR-organized conferences and workshops select invited presentations by the leaders of the field. The corresponding program chair and program committee are responsible for their choice. Being invited to talk at an IACR conference or workshop is a prestigious honor for the speaker.