Committees and Special Roles (2022)

As described in the bylaws and guidelines , the board of directors and the president of the IACR may appoint committees as required to assist them in the day-to-day functioning of the IACR. The members of these various committees are listed below.

Observers and Special Roles

The steering committee representatives participate as observers in the meetings of the board of directors.

Steering Committee Chair Steering Committee Representative
Asiacrypt Mitsuru Matsui Mitsuru Matsui
CHES Benedikt Gierlichs Francois-Xavier Standaert
FSE Anne Canteaut Bart Preneel
PKC Yuliang Zheng Moti Yung
TCC Tal Malkin Tal Malkin
RWC Dan Boneh Kenny Paterson

Other people participating as observers in the Board of Directors include:

Audit Committee (2020-2022)

The audit committee takes delegates responsibility on behalf of the Board of Directors for ensuring that there is a framework for accountability; for examining and reviewing all systems and methods of control, especially financial systems; and for ensuring that IACR is complying with law, relevant regulations and good practice. The audit committee consists of:

Election Committee (2021)
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The IACR runs a yearly election to elect members of its Board of Directors. The Election Committee consists of:

Investment Committee (2019)

The Investment Committee oversees the IACR investments.

Ethics Committee (2020)
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The Ethics Committee of the IACR is responsible for providing recommendations to editors, program chairs, program-committee members, and reviewers concerning fairness and ethical aspects of all matters under the influence of the IACR, such as its operations, its events, and its publications.

Schools Committee (2022)
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Starting in 2014, the IACR sponsors a small number of Cryptology Schools providing intensive training on clearly identified topics in cryptology. The schools comittee consist of: