Publications of the IACR

IACR maintains multiple forms of publications:

Proceedings from IACR conferences and workshops

Proceedings of IACR conferences and workshops are published by Springer in their LNCS series. Publication in an IACR proceedings is very prestigious and equivalent to a journal publication in other disciplines. From 2000 our proceedings can also be found in the IACR Archive (see below) , after a two year delay.

Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology

The IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology (ToSC) is a scholarly journal for timely research papers on symmetric cryptology that seeks to combine the benefits of fast conference turnaround with consistent journal reviewing. ToSC is a Gold Open Access (free availability from day one) journal, published in electronic form by the Ruhr University of Bochum. It will become the publication venue for the IACR Fast Software Encryption conference, which operates as a journal/conference hybrid.

Transactions on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Computing

A gold open access journal dedicated to the study of cryptographic hardware and embedded systems.

Communications in Cryptology new

A diamond open access journal for original research papers which welcomes submissions on any cryptologic topic. This covers all research topics in cryptography and cryptanalysis, including but not limited to

In addition, the journal also accepts survey and historical articles.

The Cryptology ePrint Archive

To enable timely dissemination of research results the IACR has established an online paper repository called the Cryptology ePrint Archive. Papers published there undergo no scientific reviewing process. Some papers may be published there long before they appear in a peer-reviewed publication venue; the eprint archive also contains different versions of papers published elsewhere (including corrected or full versions containing details not found), or the "final" author versions of papers that are will be published in other venues.

The Journal of Cryptology

This is the premier academic journal in the field of cryptology. According to ISI it is also one of the top journals in the whole of Theoretical Computer Science. The journal is edited by an independent Editorial Board appointed by the Editor in Chief. The Editor in Chief is appointed by the IACR Board and then sits on the Board as one of the board members.

The IACR Archive

Since 2000 the copyright of all IACR conferences and workshops is held by IACR. This means that we can make the proceedings freely available on the web via our IACR Archive. All proceedings should be available after a two year publication window provided by us to Springer.

The Museum of Historic Papers in Cryptology

In the past century, the intertwining of cryptology with national security has made it difficult to get access to some original source material from the beginnings of modern cryptology. Beyond that, the fragility of paper and human memory have further obscured the picture. The IACR's Museum of Cryptology will try to fill in some of the gaps by being a repository for older research papers that have not been otherwise published for the public.

For background information on publication venues, copyright, and further publication, see also the description of the IACR copyright and publication policy .

The IACR also maintains statistics (i.e., number of accepted/submitted papers) for its workshops and conferences.

Online access for IACR members is available for all IACR conference proceedings that were published by Springer (going back to 1984), as well as the Journal of Cryptology. The same link gives access to anyone for proceedings published more than four years ago. Older volumes are also available from the IACR Archive .

Bibliographic information for IACR proceedings is available through CryptoDB .