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IACR and Springer are pleased to offer you free access to the Journal of Cryptology and the IACR proceedings volumes for CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT, FSE, CHES, PKC, and TCC.

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Understanding Different Versions of Articles

Articles published in IACR venues are typically associated with several versions:

Publisher versions:

These are the definitive versions of articles that are stored by Springer in its digital library. Within the first four years of publication, the articles are available only to paid subscribers to Springer's library and IACR members (through this page). Thereafter, the articles are made available to the public for free under an open-access agreement with Springer.

IACR versions:

These are the versions of articles that authors submit to the program chair for the final version of the proceedings (sometimes called "camera-ready versions"). The IACR makes these versions available in the IACR archive two years after publication.

Other author versions:

Authors also frequently produce "full versions" of their papers, containing more details beyond the proceedings version. These author versions can often be found on authors' websites or on the ePrint archive. The IACR does not maintain a centralized index of these author versions organized by original publication venue.

For more details, please see the IACR copyright and publication policy. Bibliographic information for IACR proceedings is available through CryptoDB.

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