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TCC 2005: Cambridge, MA, USA

Joe Kilian (Ed.):
Theory of Cryptography, Second Theory of Cryptography Conference,
TCC 2005, Cambridge, MA, USA, February 10-12, 2005,

Preface , by Joe Kilian

General Chair
Shafi Goldwasser
Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA,
& Weizmann Institute, Israel
Administrative Assistant: Joanne Talbot Hanley

Program Committee
Boaz Barak IAS and Princeton, USA
Amos Beimel Ben-Gurion, Israel
Rosario Gennaro IBM, USA
Joe Kilian (Chair) Yianilos Labs, USA
Anna Lysyanskaya Brown, USA
Tal Malkin Columbia, USA
Rafail Ostrovsky UCLA, USA
Erez Petrank Technion, Israel
Tal Rabin IBM, USA
Leonid Reyzin BU, USA
Alon Rosen MIT, USA
Amit Sahai UCLA, USA
Louis Salvail Aarhus University, Denmark
Steering Committee
Mihir Bellare (Chair) (UCSD, USA),
Ivan Damgård (AarhusUniversity, Denmark),
Oded Goldreich (Weizmann Institute, Israel),
Shafi Goldwasser (MIT, USA and Weizmann Institute, Israel),
Johan Håstad (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden),
Russell Impagliazzo (UCSD, USA),
Ueli Maurer (ETH, Switzerland),
Silvio Micali(MIT, USA),
Moni Naor (Weizmann Institute, Israel),
Tatsuaki Okamoto (NTT, Japan)

External Referees

Hardness Amplification and Error Correction

Graphs and Groups

Simulation and Secure Computation

Security of Encryption

Steganography and Zero Knowledge

Secure Computation I

Secure Computation II

Quantum Cryptography and Universal Composability

Cryptographic Primitives and Security

Encryption and Signatures

Information Theoretic Cryptography

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