International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

IACR Cryptology Schools

Starting in 2014, the IACR sponsors a small number of Cryptology Schools providing intensive training on clearly identified topics in cryptology. The aim is to develop awareness and increased capacity for research in cryptology. See also the IACR official policy regarding Cryptology Schools.

A Cryptology School is typically held full-time for 4-5 days of intensive learning and constitutes an efficient way to provide high-quality training for graduate students, as well as for professionals. Attendance should be open to anyone who is interested and qualified.

In order to facilitate learning, a school is usually taught by a few domain experts with a focus on educating the audience rather than impressing with results. In line with the mission of IACR, a Cryptology School should enable the audience to advance the theory and practice of cryptology and related fields. At some schools graduate students may also get an opportunity to present their work and gather feedback from the experts and teachers.

Information on proposing an IACR Cryptology School.

Upcoming IACR Cryptology Schools

Past IACR Cryptology Schools

Non-IACR Cryptology Schools held in cooperation with the IACR

The IACR is able to sponsor only a few official Cryptology Schools per year. However, other schools take place in cooperation with the IACR:


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