International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

2009 IACR Fellows

headshot of George Robert Blakley, Jr., 2009 IACR fellow
George Robert Blakley, Jr.

For the invention of general secret sharing schemes and for valuable service to the cryptologic community.

headshot of Oded Goldreich, 2009 IACR fellow
Oded Goldreich

For fundamental pioneering contributions to the scientific foundations of cryptography and for sustained leadership in cryptographic education.

headshot of Arjen K. Lenstra, 2009 IACR fellow
Arjen K. Lenstra

For basic contributions to number theoretic cryptanalysis and for service to the IACR.

headshot of James L. Massey, 2009 IACR fellow
James L. Massey

For pioneering contributions to cipher design and analysis, and for sustained contributions to the IACR and to cryptologic education.

headshot of Michael O. Rabin, 2009 IACR fellow
Michael O. Rabin

For pioneering fundamental contributions to modern cryptography.