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PhD Internship
Nokia Bell Labs; Antwerp, Belgium
We have several open PhD internship positions in Bell Labs (Belgium) for PhD students or Postdocs.

At Bell Labs, the research arm of Nokia, we are currently designing and building systems that offer (1) computational integrity, (2) confidentiality, and (3) low-latency operations.

Internship Details:

As an intern in our lab, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to applied research in one of these areas, including:

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Dive into topics like SNARKs, STARKs, and MPC-in-the-Head to enhance computational integrity. Computing on Encrypted Data: Explore homomorphic encryption (FHE) and secure multiparty computation (MPC) to address confidentiality challenges.
Acceleration: Investigate optimized implementations, software architecture, novel ZKP/FHE/MPC circuits, systems and friendly primitives.

Any other relevant subjects in this area are also welcome, such as zkML, FHE+ML, verifiable FHE, applications of MPC, and beyond.

Candidate Profile:

  • You are currently doing a PhD or PostDoc
  • Some familiarity with one of the areas: FHE, MPC or ZKP
  • Both applied and theoretical researchers are welcome
What we offer:

  • Fully funded internship with benefits (based on Belgian income standards)
  • Internship any time from now until the end of 2024
  • Possibility to visit local university crypto groups (e.g. COSIC KU Leuven)
  • A wonderful desk with a view of the Zoo of Antwerp (elephants and bisons visible)
  • Having access to the best beers and chocolates in the world
Contact: Emad Heydari Beni (
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