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IACR News item: 14 March 2020

Announcement Announcement
Dear IACR member,

Recent developments related to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the increasing number of travel restrictions that have been put in place have forced us to make the following decisions regarding the schedule of forthcoming IACR conferences:
  • FSE 2020, which was supposed to be held in Athens, Greece, during 22-26 March 2020, has been postponed to 8-12 November 2020;
  • PKC 2020, which was supposed to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, during 4-7 May 2020, has been postponed; and
  • EUROCRYPT 2020, which was supposed to be held in Zagreb, Croatia, during 10-14 May 2020, has been postponed.
We are currently considering several rescheduling options for EUROCRYPT 2020 and PKC 2020 and we will be informing the membership and attendees about these changes as soon as possible via the IACR news system and other appropriate communication channels.

The publication schedule of these conferences has not been altered and authors will have the option to record a presentation that would go online on the website of these conferences. Registered attendees have been offered either a full refund or the option to transfer the registration fee to the postponed version.

No changes have been made at this time to the schedule of CRYPTO 2020, CHES 2020, TCC 2020, and ASIACRYPT 2020, but we will continue to closely monitor the situation and will inform members if changes are needed.

Additional news items may be found on the IACR news page.