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IACR News item: 19 November 2020

Cihangir Tezcan
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Ascon, DryGASCON, and Shamash are submissions to NIST's lightweight cryptography standardization process and have similar designs. We analyze these algorithms against subspace trails, truncated differentials, and differential-linear distinguishers. We provide probability one 4-round subspace trails for DryGASCON-256, 3-round subspace trails for \DryGASCON-128, and 2-round subspace trails for \Shamash permutations. Moreover, we provide the first 3.5-round truncated differential and 5-round differential-linear distinguisher for DryGASCON-128. Finally, we improve the data and time complexity of the 4 and 5-round differential-linear attacks on Ascon.

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