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IACR News item: 21 June 2022

Award Award
Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics, Co-Sponsored by IACR

Each year, RSA Conference recognizes noteworthy work in cryptography and mathematics. Award recipients are determined by an esteemed judging committee who seek to recognize innovation and ongoing contributions to the industry. Dozens of nominated individuals from affiliated organizations, universities or research labs compete each year for this award.

Recipients of the RSA Conference 2022 Excellence in the Field of Mathematics award are:

Professors Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor
Cynthia Dwork, a professor of Computer Science at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University and a Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research, is known for establishing the pillars on which every fault-tolerant system has been built atop for decades. Her innovations modernized cryptography to cope with the ungoverned interactions of the internet through the development of non-malleable cryptography, formed the basis of crypto currencies through proofs of work, placed privacy-preserving data analysis on a firm mathematical foundation, and ensures statistical validity in exploratory data analysis, through differential privacy.

"RSA Conference is an important venue for the exchange of ideas in the cybersecurity ecosystem. I am deeply honored to join the ranks of past recipients of this prestigious award that recognizes foundational research," said Dwork. "The threats to privacy have never been greater, and advancements in technology means more cybersecurity risk. My research, work, students, and university will continue to play a key role in helping innovation preserve these values."

Moni Naor is a professor of Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel specializing in Cryptography and Complexity. He is well known for his work connecting cryptography and data structure in adversarial environments. In 1992, he collaborated with Cynthia Dwork on "Proofs of Work" to combat denial-of-service attacks and other service abuses, such as spam, which is now famous for its use with Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. He has proposed other fundamental concepts that are at the heart of today's cryptography, including non-malleability, broadcast encryption, tracing traitors, small bias probability, and the efficiency of falsifying assumptions.

"The RSA Conference Excellence in the Field of Mathematics Awards has a long list of impressive and impactful recipients dating back to 1998 with Shafi Goldwasser receiving it. I am honored to say that I am now part of the amazing group of cryptographers who have received it," said Naor. "I strongly believe advancements in the field of cryptography will continue to prove necessary as digital communication and usage accelerates. I remain dedicated to making a lasting impact in the field."

“The IACR is proud to join RSAC in co-sponsoring the Excellence in the Field of Mathematics Award. As the worldwide professional society for researchers in cryptography and cryptanalysis, we are dedicated to recognizing individuals who have excelled in our field and advancing awareness of the role cryptology plays in a modern, digitally connected life,” said Michel Abdalla, President, IACR. “This year we celebrate the work of Professors Dwork and Naor, and the impact they individually and collectively have had on the cryptography industry and cybersecurity at large.”

RSA Conference and IACR presented the Excellence Award in the Field of Mathematics Award on Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

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