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International Association
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IACR News item: 04 August 2022

Morgan Thomas
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Orbis Specification Language (OSL) is a language for writing statements to be proven by zk-SNARKs. zk-SNARK theories allow for proving wide classes of statements. They usually require the statement to be proven to be expressed as a constraint system, called an arithmetic circuit, which can take various forms depending on the theory. It is difficult to express complex statements in the form of arithmetic circuits. OSL is a language of statements which is similar to type theories used in proof engineering, such as Agda and Coq. OSL has a feature set which is sufficiently limited to make it feasible to compile a statement expressed in OSL to an arithmetic circuit which expresses the same statement. This work builds on Σ1 arithmetization [5] in Halo 2 [3, 4], by defining a frontend for a user-friendly circuit compiler.

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