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IACR News item: 16 September 2022

Protocol Labs, Remote
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Lurk is an in-development, Turing-complete programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs. It is a statically scoped dialect of Lisp, implemented in Rust to support evaluation, proving, and verification in zero-knowledge. Since Lurk is Turing-complete, it can be used (within resource limits) to make and prove arbitrary computational claims without the constraints of traditional fixed-circuit SNARKs. A Rust Cryptography Engineer for Lurk will help drive the development of the Lurk programming language. The ideal candidate for this job will have deep knowledge of zero-knowledge cryptography and experience writing zk-proofs or zk-proof adjacent software in Rust. You can learn more about Lurk at and the Rust implementation at

Closing date for applications:

Contact: Luke Sandquist

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