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IACR News item: 18 March 2023

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Our mission is to unlock the collaborative power of communities by making Web3 universally easy to use, access, and build on Working with ConsenSys puts you at the forefront of an evolving paradigm, transforming our society for the better. We fundamentally believe blockchain is the next generation of technology that can lay the foundation for a more just and equitable society.  Blockchain tech is just over 10 years old. Ethereum itself is still a toddler and we’re far from reaching our full potential. You’ll get to work on the tools, infrastructure, and apps that scale these platforms to billions of users.  ______________What you’ll do: We seek a highly experienced Cryptography Researcher to join our team and work on cutting-edge projects related to zkEVM Prover. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in cryptography and experience in research and development, as well as a passion for exploring new technologies and finding innovative solutions. _______________Key Responsibilities: - Conduct research and development on a zkEVM Prover, its proof system and its implementation. Develop new cryptographic techniques and algorithms to improve zkEVM Prover performance and functionality. Collaborate with other researchers and engineers to share knowledge and advance the state of the art. Write technical papers and present research findings at conferences and workshops Stay current with new technologies and industry trends related to zkEVM Prover and cryptography.
    __________Qualifications: Strong background in cryptography, with a focus on zero-knowledge proof systems. Experience with research and development, including writing technical papers and presenting at conferences. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

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    Contact: Tazmin Jaffer

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