International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research

IACR News item: 20 June 2024

George Lu, Mark Zhandry
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Subgroup decision techniques on cryptographic groups and pairings have been critical for numerous applications. Originally conceived in the composite-order setting, there is a large body of work showing how to instantiate subgroup decision techniques in the prime-order setting as well. In this work, we demonstrate the first barrier to this research program, by demonstrating an important setting where composite-order techniques cannot be replicated in the prime-order setting.

In particular, we focus on the case of $q$-type assumptions, which are ubiquitous in group- and pairing-based cryptography, but unfortunately are less desirable than the more well-understood static assumptions. Subgroup decision techniques have had great success in removing $q$-type assumptions, even allowing $q$-type assumptions to be generically based on static assumptions on composite-order groups. Our main result shows that the same likely does not hold in the prime order setting. Namely, we show that a large class of $q$-type assumptions, including the security definition of a number of cryptosystems, cannot be proven secure in a black box way from any static assumption.

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