International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Bessie C. Hu


Time Capsule Signature: Efficient and Provably Secure Constructions
Time Capsule Signature, first formalized by Dodis and Yum in Financial Cryptography 2005, is a digital signature scheme which allows a signature to bear a (future) time t so that the signature will only be valid at time t or later, when a trusted third party called time server releases time-dependent information for checking the validity of a time capsule signature. Also, the actual signer of a time capsule signature has the privilege to make the signature valid before time t. In this paper, we provide a new security model of time capsule signature such that time server is not required to be fully trusted. Moreover, we provide two e±cient constructions in random oracle model and standard model. Our improved security model and proven secure constructions have the potential to build some new E-Commerce applications.