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International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Gerold Grünauer


Proposal of a new efficient public key system for encryption and digital signatures
Gerold Gr?nauer
In this paper a new efficient public key cryptosystem usable for both encryption and digital signatures is presented. Due to its simple structure this public key cipher can be implemented easily in every software or hardware device, making the cryptosystem available for circumstances where the implementation of an alternative like RSA, El Gamal / Diffie - Hellmann, etc. is too complicated. Furthermore the construction on the closest and shortest vector problem using a new homomorph "almost" linear one-way function gives not only strong evidence of the ciphers security, but may be also the base for a new class of "errorprone" cryptographic primitives based on lattice problems. Therefore this cipher and its construction is a good alternative to cryptosystems based on the integer factoriziation problem or the discrete logarithm and might be a base for secure "errorprone" application like biometrics or image watermarking.