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International Association
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Shanshan Duan


Key Insulation and Intrusion Resilience Over a Public Channel
Key insulation (KI) and Intrusion resilience (IR) are methods to protect a user's key against exposure by utilizing periodic communications with an auxiliary helper. But existing work assumes a secure channel between user and helper. If we want to realize KI or IR in practice we must realize this secure channel. This paper looks at the question of how to do this when the communication is over what we are more likely to have in practice, namely a public channel such as the Internet or a wireless network. We explain why this problem is not trivial, introduce models and definitions that capture the desired security in a public channel setting, and provide a complete (and surprising) answer to the question of when KI and IR are possible over a public channel. The information we provide is important to guide practitioners with regard to the usage of KI and IR and also to guide future research in this area.


Mihir Bellare (1)
Adriana Palacio (1)