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Paper: New Signature Scheme Using Conjugacy Problem

Ki Hyoung Ko
Doo Ho Choi
Mi Sung Cho
Jang Won Lee
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Abstract: We propose a new digital signature scheme based on a non-commutative group where the conjugacy search problem is hard and the conjugacy decision problem is feasible. We implement our signature scheme in the braid groups and prove that an existential forgery of the implementation under no message attack gives a solution to a variation of conjugacy search problem. Then we discuss performance of our scheme under suggested parameters.
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  keywords={cryptographic protocols / non-commutative, braid, groups, digital signatures, conjiugacy problem, implementation},
  note={ 12002 received 11 Nov 2002},
  author={Ki Hyoung Ko and Doo Ho Choi and Mi Sung Cho and Jang Won Lee},