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Paper: Identity Based Undeniable Signatures

Benoît Libert
Jean-Jacques Quisquater
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Abstract: In this paper, we give a first example of identity based undeniable signature using pairings over elliptic curves. We extend to the identity based setting the security model for the notions of invisibility and anonymity given by Galbraith and Mao in 2003 and we prove that our scheme is existentially unforgeable under the Bilinear Diffie-Hellman assumption in the random oracle model. We also prove that it has the invisibility property under the Decisional Bilinear Diffie-Hellman assumption and we discuss about the efficiency of the scheme.
  title={Identity Based  Undeniable Signatures},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={public-key cryptography / ID-based cryptography, undeniable signatures,},
  note={extended version of a paper to appear at CT-RSA 2004 12340 received 29 Sep 2003, last revised 15 Oct 2003},
  author={Benoît Libert and Jean-Jacques Quisquater},