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Paper: Chameleon Signature from Bilinear Pairing

Xinjun Du
Ying Wang
Jianhua Ge
Yumin Wang
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Abstract: Chameleon signatures are non-interactive signatures based on a hash-and-sign paradigm, and similar in efficiency to regular signatures. The distinguishing characteristic of chameleon signatures is that there are non-transferable, with only the designated recipient capable of asserting its validity. In this paper, we introduce a new ID-based chameleon hash function based on bilinear pairing and build the ID-based chameleon signature scheme. Compared with the conventional chameleon hashing functions, the owner of a public hash key in the ID-based chameleon hashing scheme does not necessarily need to retrieve the associated secret key. The scheme enjoys all the attributes in the normal chameleon signature and the added characteristics of ID-based cryptography based on bilinear pairing.
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