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Paper: On the Entropy of Arcfour Keys

Luke O'Connor
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Abstract: This paper is a copy of IBM Research Report RZ 3019 published in 1998, which was a study of some issues related to keys of Arcfour. At the time of writing Arcfour was the common pseudonym used for RC4. Quite of a few of the results in the paper have now been superseded. We have submitted this paper to the IACR eprint archive mainly for reference purposes, since IBM research reports are not indexed in general by Google and other search engines.
  title={On the Entropy of Arcfour Keys},
  booktitle={IACR Eprint archive},
  keywords={secret-key cryptography / RC4},
  note={The paper appeared as IBM Research Report RZ3019, 1998. 12982 received 18 Jul 2005},
  author={Luke O'Connor},