International Association for Cryptologic Research

International Association
for Cryptologic Research


Paper: TinyTate: Identity-Based Encryption for Sensor Networks

Leonardo B. Oliveira
Diego F. Aranha
Eduardo Morais
Felipe Daguano
Julio López
Ricardo Dahab
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Abstract: In spite of several years of intense research, the area of security and cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) still has a number of open problems. On the other hand, the advent of Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) has enabled a wide range of new cryptographic solutions. In this work, we argue that IBE is ideal for WSNs and vice versa. We discuss the synergy between the systems, describe how WSNs can take advantage of IBE, and present results for computation of the Tate pairing over resource constrained nodes.
  title={TinyTate: Identity-Based Encryption for Sensor Networks},
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  keywords={identity-based encryption, bilinear pairings, implementation, key management, sensor networks},
  note={---- 13542 received 23 Jan 2007, last revised 29 Jan 2007},
  author={Leonardo B. Oliveira and Diego F. Aranha and Eduardo Morais and Felipe Daguano and Julio López and Ricardo Dahab},