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Paper: Attribute Based Group Signature with Revocation

Dalia Khader
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Abstract: In real life, one requires signatures to be from people who fulfill certain criteria, implying that they should possess specific attributes. For example, Alice might want a signature from an employee in Bob’s company who is a member in the IT staff, a senior manager within the biometrics team or at least a junior manager in the cryptography team. In such a case an Attribute Based Group Signature scheme (ABGS) could be applied. Group signature schemes are those where each member of a group can sign on behalf of the others. An ABGS scheme is a type of group signature scheme, where the signing member has to have certain attributes. In[12], the authors introduced the first ABGS but it lacked the ability to revoke. In this paper, we introduce a new scheme that will enable us to remove a member from a group or remove some of his attributes, when needed.
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