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Deepika Natarajan


SEAL-Embedded: A Homomorphic Encryption Library for the Internet of Things 📺
Deepika Natarajan Wei Dai
The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to concerns over the lack of security and privacy guarantees afforded by IoT systems. Homomorphic encryption (HE) is a promising privacy-preserving solution to allow devices to securely share data with a cloud backend; however, its high memory consumption and computational overhead have limited its use on resource-constrained embedded devices. To address this problem, we present SEAL-Embedded, the first HE library targeted for embedded devices, featuring the CKKS approximate homomorphic encryption scheme. SEAL-Embedded employs several computational and algorithmic optimizations along with a detailed memory re-use scheme to achieve memory efficient, high performance CKKS encoding and encryption on embedded devices without any sacrifice of security. We additionally provide an “adapter” server module to convert data encrypted by SEAL-Embedded to be compatible with the Microsoft SEAL library for homomorphic encryption, enabling an end-to-end solution for building privacy-preserving applications. For a polynomial ring degree of 4096, using RNS primes of 30 or fewer bits, our library can be configured to use between 64–137 KB of RAM and 1–264 KB of flash data, depending on developer-selected configurations and tradeoffs. Using these parameters, we evaluate SEAL-Embedded on two different IoT platforms with high performance, memory efficient, and balanced configurations of the library for asymmetric and symmetric encryption. With 136 KB of RAM, SEAL-Embedded can perform asymmetric encryption of 2048 single-precision numbers in 77 ms on the Azure Sphere Cortex-A7 and 737 ms on the Nordic nRF52840 Cortex-M4.


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