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Ehsan Ebrahimi


Post-quantum Security of Plain OAEP Transform 📺
Ehsan Ebrahimi
In this paper, we show that OAEP transform is indistinguishable under chosen ciphertext attack in the quantum random oracle model if the underlying trapdoor permutation is quantum partial-domain one-way. The existing post-quantum security of OAEP (TCC 2016-B ) requires a modification to the OAEP transform using an extra hash function. We prove the security of the OAEP transform without any modification and this answers an open question in one of the finalists of NIST competition, NTRU submission, affirmatively.
Relationships between quantum IND-CPA notions 📺
An encryption scheme is called indistinguishable under chosen plaintext attack (short IND-CPA) if an attacker cannot distinguish the encryptions of two messages of his choice. There are other variants of this definition but they all turn out to be equivalent in the classical case. In this paper, we give a comprehensive overview of these different variants of IND-CPA for symmetric encryption schemes in the quantum setting. We investigate the relationships between these notions and prove various equivalences, implications, non-equivalences, and non-implications between these variants.