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Toshiaki Tanaka


Efficient Implementation of the Pairing on Mobilephones using BREW
Pairing based cryptosystems can accomplish novel security applications such as ID-based cryptosystems, which have not been constructed efficiently without the pairing. The processing speed of the pairing based cryptosystems is relatively slow compared with the other conventional public key cryptosystems. However, several efficient algorithms for computing the pairing have been proposed, namely Duursma-Lee algorithm and its variant $\eta_T$ pairing. In this paper, we present an efficient implementation of the pairing over some mobilephones. The processing speed of our implementation in ARM9 processors on BREW achieves under 100 milliseconds using the supersingular curve over $\mathbb F_{3^{97}}$. It has become efficient enough to implement security applications, such as ID-based cryptosystems and broadcast encryption, using the pairing on BREW mobilephones.
On the Existence of 3-Round Zero-Knowledge Protocols
Satoshi Hada Toshiaki Tanaka
In this paper, we construct a 3-round zero-knowledge protocol for any NP language. Our protocol achieves weaker notions of zero-knowledge than black-box simulation zero-knowledge. Therefore, our result does not contradict the triviality result of Goldreich and Krawczyk which shows that 3-round black-box simulation zero-knowledge exist only for BPP languages. Our main contribution is to provide a non-black-box simulation technique. Whether there exists such a simulation technique was a major open problem in the theory of zero-knowledge. Our simulation technique is based on a non-standard computational assumption related to the Diffie-Hellman problem, which was originally proposed by Damgard.
A Relationship between One-Wayness and Correlation Intractability
Satoshi Hada Toshiaki Tanaka
The notion of correlation intractability was introduced in an attempt to capture the ``unpredictability" property of random oracles: It is assumed that if $R$ is a random oracle then it is infeasible to find an input $x$ such that the input-output pair $(x,R(x))$ has some desired property. It is desirable that a plausible construction of correlation intractable function ensembles will be provided since the unpredictability property is often useful to design many cryptographic applications in the random oracle model. However, no plausibility result has been proposed. In this paper, we show that proving the implication, ``if uniform one-way functions exist then uniform correlation intractable function ensembles exist", is as hard as proving a claim regarding the triviality of 3-round auxiliary-input zero-knowledge Arthur-Merlin proofs without making any assumptions. We believe that it is unlikely that one can prove it unconditionally. Therefore, we conclude that it will be difficult to construct uniform correlation intractable function ensembles based solely on uniform one-way functions.