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Xinxin Fan


Efficient Doubling on Genus 3 Curves over Binary Fields
The most important and expensive operation in a hyperelliptic curve cryptosystem (HECC) is scalar multiplication by an integer k, i.e., computing an integer k times a divisor D on the Jacobian. Using some recoding algorithms for scalar $k$, we can reduce a number of divisor class additions during the process of computing scalar multiplication. So divisor doubling will account for the main part in all kinds of scalar multiplication algorithms. In order to accelerate the genus 3 HECC over binary fields we investigate how to compute faster doubling in this paper. By constructing birational transformation of variables, we derive explicit doubling formulae for all types of defining equations of the curve. For each type of curve, we analyze how many field operations are needed. So far all proposed curves are secure, though they are more special types. Our results allow to choose curves from a large enough variety which have extremely fast doubling needing only one third the time of an addition in the best case. Furthermore, an actual implementation of the new formulae on a Pentium-M processor shows its practical relevance.
Inversion-Free Arithmetic on Genus 3 Hyperelliptic Curves
Xinxin Fan Yumin Wang
Hyperelliptic curve cryptosystem (HECC) is becoming more and more promising for network security applications because of the common effort of several academic and industrial organizations. With short operand size compared to other public key cryptosystems, HECC has showed excellent performance in embedded processors. Recently years, many effort has been made to investigate all kinds of explicit formulae for speeding up group operation of HECC. In this paper, explicit formulae without using inversion for genus 3 HECC are given. We introduce a further coordinate to collect the common denominator of the usual 6 coordinates. The proposed formulae can be used in smart card where inversion is much more expensive than multiplication.


Yumin Wang (2)
Thomas J. Wollinger (1)