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Paper: Deterministic and Efficiently Searchable Encryption

Mihir Bellare
Alexandra Boldyreva
Adam O'Neill
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Abstract: We present as-strong-as-possible definitions of privacy, and constructions achieving them, for public-key encryption schemes where the encryption algorithm is \textit{deterministic}. We obtain as a consequence database encryption methods that permit fast (i.e.~sub-linear, and in fact logarithmic, time) search while provably providing privacy that is as strong as possible subject to this fast search constraint. One of our constructs, called RSA-DOAEP, has the added feature of being length preserving, so that it is the first example of a public-key cipher. We generalize this to obtain a notion of efficiently-searchable encryption schemes which permit more flexible privacy to search-time trade-offs via a technique called bucketization. Our results answer much-asked questions in the database community and provide foundations for work done there.
  title={Deterministic and Efficiently Searchable Encryption},
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  keywords={Public-key encryption, deterministic encryption, searchable encryption, database security},
  note={Preliminary version appears in CRYPTO 2007 13979 received 16 Jun 2006, last revised 10 Apr 2008},
  author={Mihir Bellare and Alexandra Boldyreva and Adam O'Neill},