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Tweakable Block Cipher-Based Cryptography

Thomas Peyrin , Nanyang Technological University Singapore
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Honor: Invited talk
Abstract: A tweakable block cipher (TBC) basically consists of a block cipher with an extra input, the tweak, that allows to select a family of keyed permutations. Since their first formalization by Liskov et al. at CRYPTO 2012, TCBCs have recently gained popularity as they can easily instantiate beyond birthday-bound operating modes. In particular, these modes are potentially very attractive for lightweight cryptography, where it is crucial to reach a security as high as possible for a state as small as possible. In this talk, we will review the latest advances in tweakable block ciphers. First, we will recall how to design TBCs from an existing primitive or from scratch. Then, using the example of lightweight authenticated encryption, we will study why TBCs are very competitive primitives in that scenario. Finally, we will exhibit other possible future usages of TBCs. Throughout the talk, we will try to identify several possibly interesting open research problems.
Video from FSE 2020
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