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International Association
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Paper: Multi-Authority ABE for Non-Monotonic Access Structures

Miguel Ambrona , Nomadic Labs
Romain Gay , IBM Research Zurich
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Conference: PKC 2023
Abstract: Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) is a cryptographic primitive which supports fine-grained access control on encrypted data, making it an appealing building block for many applications. Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption (MA-ABE) is a generalization of ABE where the central authority is distributed across several independent parties. We provide the first MA-ABE scheme from asymmetric prime-order pairings where no trusted setup is needed and where the attribute universe of each authority is unbounded. Moreover, it is the first to handle non-monotonic access structures. These features broaden the applicability and improve the efficiency of our scheme. Our construction makes a modular use of Functional Encryption schemes with fine-grained access control.
  title={Multi-Authority ABE for Non-Monotonic Access Structures},
  author={Miguel Ambrona and Romain Gay},