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Bare PAKE: Universally Composable Key Exchange from just Passwords

Manuel Barbosa , University of Porto, INESC TEC, Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy
Kai Gellert , University of Wuppertal
Julia Hesse , IBM Research Europe - Zurich
Stanislaw Jarecki , UC Irvine
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Conference: CRYPTO 2024
Abstract: In the past three decades, an impressive body of knowledge has been built around secure and private password authentication. In particular, secure password-authenticated key exchange (PAKE) protocols require only minimal overhead over a classical Diffie-Hellman key exchange. PAKEs are also known to fulfill strong composable security guarantees that capture many password-specific concerns such as password correlations or password mistyping, to name only a few. However, to enjoy both round-optimality and strong security, applications of PAKE protocols must provide \emph{unique} session and participant identifiers. If such identifiers are not readily available, they must be agreed upon at the cost of additional communication flows, a fact which has been met with incomprehension among practitioners, and which hindered the adoption of provably secure password authentication in practice. In this work, we resolve this issue by proposing a new paradigm for truly \emph{password-only} yet securely composable PAKE, called \emph{bare} PAKE. We formally prove that two prominent PAKE protocols, namely CPace and EKE, can be cast as bare PAKEs and hence do not require pre-agreement of anything else than a password. Our bare PAKE modeling further allows us to investigate a novel ``reusability'' property of PAKEs, i.e., whether $n^2$ pairwise keys can be exchanged from only $n$ messages, just as the Diffie-Hellman non-interactive key exchange can do in a public-key setting. As a side contribution, this add-on property of bare PAKEs leads us to observe that some previous PAKE constructions relied on unnecessarily strong, ``reusable'' building blocks. By showing that ``non-reusable'' tools suffice for standard PAKE, we open a new path towards round-optimal post-quantum secure password-authenticated key exchange.
  title={Bare PAKE: Universally Composable Key Exchange from just Passwords},
  author={Manuel Barbosa and Kai Gellert and Julia Hesse and Stanislaw Jarecki},