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Paper: On Non-uniform Security for Black-box Non-Interactive CCA Commitments

Rachit Garg , UT Austin
Dakshita Khurana , UIUC
George Lu , UT Austin
Brent Waters , UT Austin and NTT Research
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-30545-0_7 (login may be required)
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Conference: EUROCRYPT 2023
Abstract: We obtain a black-box construction of non-interactive CCA commitments against non-uniform adversaries. This makes black-box use of an appropriate base commitment scheme for small tag spaces, variants of sub-exponential hinting PRG (Koppula and Waters, Crypto 2019) and variants of keyless sub-exponentially collision-resistant hash function with security against non-uniform adversaries (Bitansky, Kalai and Paneth, STOC 2018 and Bitansky and Lin, TCC 2018). All prior works on non-interactive non-malleable or CCA commitments without setup first construct a ``base'' scheme for a relatively small identity/tag space, and then build a tag amplification compiler to obtain commitments for an exponential-sized space of identities. Prior black-box constructions either add multiple rounds of interaction (Goyal, Lee, Ostrovsky and Visconti, FOCS 2012) or only achieve security against uniform adversaries (Garg, Khurana, Lu and Waters, Eurocrypt 2021). Our key technical contribution is a novel tag amplification compiler for CCA commitments that replaces the non-interactive proof of consistency required in prior work. Our construction satisfies the strongest known definition of non-malleability, i.e., CCA2 (chosen commitment attack) security. In addition to only making black-box use of the base scheme, our construction replaces sub-exponential NIWIs with sub-exponential hinting PRGs, which can be obtained based on assumptions such as (sub-exponential) CDH or LWE.
  title={On Non-uniform Security for Black-box Non-Interactive CCA Commitments},
  author={Rachit Garg and Dakshita Khurana and George Lu and Brent Waters},